Just a quick update on !Rebolt!, the excellent little robot-combat game Adam and I have been working on the last couple months. We’re just about done, having spent a good deal of time optimizing the game for the phone. I’ve been pretty much eating, sleeping, and breathing iPhone since we got Unity’s first beta. We both love how it’s been coming along, and I’ve just spent the last couple weeks integrating login for Flashbang’s Blurst.com accounts. You’ll be able to save your high scores and track your achievements online using the same kickass system (and account!) we developed for Off-road Velociraptor Safari. Here’s the final !Rebolt! trailer, which Adam whipped up today:

We’re also releasing another iPhone game, Raptor Copter, simultaneously, along with our new web game, Minotaur China Shop. That’s three games being released in one month, oi am I gonna need some vacation in December!