This last weekend saw a gathering of indie video game developers for the inaugural TIGJam, hosted by TIGSource and us at Flashbang Studios. 20 indie developers from all over the US and Canada came together for 72 hours of game-making with our comrades in arms!

Armed with a bottle of guarana pills, the company of awesome friends, and the promise of a fabulous Indian dinner as culmination, I set out with my brother Adam to start a project from scratch and finish as much as possible. We decided on a game for the iPhone, made using the beta for Unity’s iPhone version of their software. Our game is a 3D customizable robot brawler, in the spirit of the fantastic Sega Genesis game Cyborg Justice.

After three days of TIGJam, we ended up with a nicely fleshed-out prototype, including enemy robots, three selectable weapons (grabber arm, minigun, and rocket launcher), and, of course, exploding barrels. We made this video earlier today, showcasing a total of four days of work:

There were some other fantastic games being worked on during the jam, including a number for the upcoming Gamma 3D showcase. My personal favorite (other than of course World of Goo, which Kyle and Ron of 2D Boy were working on) was Alec Holowka and Adam Saltsman’s curling game, which looks completely sick after only three days of work!

Photos from the jam are up in my Flickr stream. Adam and I plan to be finished with our robot project by the time that Unity iPhone reaches release – I’ll update as it comes along!