The Independent Gaming Source just finished up a competition based on the Video Game Name Generator. The rules:

  • First, open up the Video Game Name Generator.
  • Next, find a name for the game that you want to make. (Peeing your pants out of mirth is recommended during this part.)
  • Finally, MAKE THAT GAME.
  • Optional Secondary Objective: BRAND LEADERSHIP

My brother/coworker Adam and I decided we’d try our hand at one. We picked Obsessive Compulsive Penguin Simulator, for obvious reasons. You play as a penguin with OCD, who must stamp down accumulating snow drifts, in order to keep the ground even for all! To promote Brand Leadership, I also made this stunning promotional artwork:

The competition lasted three weeks, but we spent a total of about five days working on it – three of Flashbang’s experimental Fridays and then this last weekend. Now go play the game – it plays in-browser for OS X and Windows!