We recently received this email at Flashbang, in reference to our game Off-Road Velociraptor Safari:

From: David Hone IVPP Date: Mar 16, 2008 3:17 AM Subject: Off-Road Velociraptor Safari To: contact@flashbangstudios.com

Hi Guys, great game - I have been playing for weeks. I just wanted to say that, believe it or not, I am a palaeontologist and I happen to work primarily on dromaeosaurs and pterosaurs - in other words, among other things i am an expert on Velociraptor and Pterandon. Yes, really.

And can be (and generally am) a pedantic sod, but in general your reconstructions of both are great. Very detailed and very accurate and that is one of the reasons I like playing (OK, so running them over is cool too… ;-) I get riled constantly by bad reconstructions of dinosaurs and especially pterosaurs that are generally being done by supposed experts and making a complete hash of even the basics, so it is a delight to see these done so well! Great stuff.

Anyway, thanks for a fun game and if by chance you do want some advice on future dinosaurs I am happy to help out!



David Hone works for the University of Bristol, UK. I am pleasantly amazed!