The following exercises are designed to take anywhere from 15-45 minutes. For longer lab periods, combine two or more of the individual exercises. The files are provided in both Word and PDF formats for your convenience. A brief instructor guide is also provided.

These exercises are a work in progress. When listed in red, the exercises are down for tinkering. If you have comments or suggestions, please email Lisa Will.

Background/Preparatory Exercises

Name Instructor Guide (PDF) Student Manual (Word) Student Manual (PDF)
Wave Properties waveprop_inst.pdf waveprop.doc waveprop.pdf
Blackbody Radiation blackbody_inst.pdf blackbody.doc blackbody.pdf
Distance Measures distmeasures_inst.pdf distmeasures.doc distmeasures.pdf
Parallax parallax_inst.pdf parallax.doc parallax.pdf
Look-back Time lookbacktime_inst.pdf lookbacktime.doc lookbacktime.pdf

Appreciating Hubble at Hyper-speed Tool Exercises

Name Instructor Guide Student Manual (Word) Student Manual (PDF)
Galaxy Morphology galmorph_inst.pdf galmorph.doc galmorph.pdf
Hubble's Law hubble_inst.pdf hubble.doc hubble.pdf
Galaxy Evolution galevol_inst.pdf galevol.doc galevol.pdf
Θ-z Relation thetaz_inst.pdf thetaz.doc thetaz.pdf
Cosmological Parameters cosmoparam_inst.pdf cosmoparam.doc cosmoparam.pdf

Background/Reference Reading List

Ultra Deep Field - Original Release

Excellent Cosmology Reference - Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial

Online College Level Astronomy Site - Nick Strobel's Astronomy Notes

Galaxy Morphology in UDF (.pdf file) - Elmegreen, et. al. (2005)