Accuracy in Labeling -- Property of the Bavarian Illuminati

One of my favorite authors is the late Robert Anton Wilson. His own particular brand of absurdism resonates well with my own and has given me inspiration for all manner of crazy things! My favorite works tend to be his fiction -- especially the Illuminatus! trilogy and its successor the Schrödinger's Cat trilogy. Illuminatus! in particular tells the story of the most fantastically absurd far-reaching conspiracy ever dreamed up in fiction or even reality. In short, it's pretty much got to have some truth to it.

In Illuminatus!, it's noted that you can tell where the Illuminati are exerting their influence by watching for subtle and recondite symbols they use -- the numbers 17 and 23, the images of the Ouroboros and the Eye in the Pyramid, and the phrase "Property of the Bavarian Illuminati! Ewige Blumenkraft!" Now, 17 and 23 I see everywhere. The Eye in the Pyramid is on the one dollar note. But I've noticed a disproportionately small number of property claims by the Illuminati, given their clearly far-reaching influence. In the spirit of accurate labeling, such as "antibacterial," "All-natural," and "Now SLOWER and with MORE BUGS!," I've made these "Property of the Bavarian Illuminati! Ewige Blumenkraft!" stickers. They should be placed wherever the Illuminati's influence is painfully obvious, yet conspicuously undeclared!

Illuminati-owned cat food bowlIlluminati-owned fake surveillance camera?
Illuminati-owned MoleskineIlluminati-owned parking meterIlluminati-owned national wildlife refuge

There's a developing Flickr set where those came from! If anyone wants to modify them or make their own, I've posted the source psd. I'll also have gobs at Maker Faire Austin this weekend (look for a gentleman in a top hat).

Ewige Blumenkraft!
O Hail Eris!

17 Responses to “Accuracy in Labeling -- Property of the Bavarian Illuminati”

  1. Clumpy Says:

    It's harmless, funny vandalism, arguably more beneficial to the community than $75,000 state-funded art installations. I hope this takes off.

  2. 0_o Says:

    What font did you use for yours? I didn't have it installed so it was substituted. Ohio welcomes the Bavarian Illuminati :)

  3. Orlovsky Says:

    Hail Eris!

    If you'd be willing to ship an couple of these to the UK I'll be willing to label any Illuminati propery I stumble across (and, cover your costs via PayPal!)

  4. zav Says:

    Actually, it's not harmless as I realized after I plastered the San Francisco Triangle's parking meters with with some of Nate Van Dyke's monkey stickers. In the early mornings, some poor city employee has to come by and scrape them off and the city has to pay that person's salary. But that doesn't mean I don't want a shitload of your stickers.

  5. Blake Says:

    "...look for a gentleman in a top hat."

    Like you'll be the only one ;o)

  6. Sean Williams Says:

    Brilliant! I'm a big RAW fan too and will be off to make some of these stickers ASAP. Hail Eris!

  7. Meredith Says:

    RIP, RAW! Good luck, love the stickers, its sort of a truth in advertising campaign

  8. biphenyl Says:

    0_o: Ah sorry for the oversight! ICBM SS-20 and Capitalis are the fonts I used.
    Orlovsky: Absolutely! Email matt [at] with an address!
    Blake: good point ;) I'll have a couple stuck in the band!

  9. Saint Fnordius Says:

    For added fun, you ought to add such ominous (but harmless) fine print such as "Removal of this property tag may be prosecuted. See local ordinances for clarification." Sure, the answer is that you can remove it at your pleasure*, but it's always good to make people reassess their assumptions.

    Eigentum der Illuminatenorden
    Propriété l'Ordres Illuminates

    *well, in nigh all cases, but you can never be 100% sure...

  10. DeepMonk Says:

    Bummer. Won't open in Gimp cause it's an in 'an unsupported color mode'

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  12. biphenyl Says:

    DeepMonk: It's CMYK 8 bits per channel - Gimp doesn't support this? I can re-upload it as RGB if needed, the printing company I used wanted CMYK.

  13. Benjie Says:

    Yeah, Gimp will open RGB photoshop files, but not cmyk for some reason.

  14. biphenyl Says:

    Gimp folks: I've re-uploaded the psd with RGB color instead of CMYK. Should work now, might need to clear your browser cache if you tried to download it before.

  15. illuminati Says:

    I need some of those stickers!

  16. biphenyl Says:

    illuminati: send an email to matt [at] If you send a self-addressed stamped envelope, I'll send a few stickers your way!

  17. Arne Says:

    Clumpy, are you implying that state funded art installations are vandalism? I like that :-).
    Nice stickers btw.

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