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It's no secret that I'm a big Wikipedia fan -- I've got a serious case of NADD and about half my browser tabs at any given time are Wikipedia articles. One of my favorite quirks about the site are the little [citation needed] tags that users can place in an article, indicating that a dubious claim needs a reference. One day an idea struck -- what statements are more dubious or outright ridiculous than those in advertisements? Thus, an OM project was born. I had 250 8x2 inch stickers printed, which I handed out to friends, who circulated them further. In true wiki fashion, the final placement of the stickers is a collaborative effort, now distributed and anonymous. If anyone sees one somewhere, please make a photo! I've been tagging my photoset on Flickr with citationneeded and wikiffiti -- more should start showing up in the next few weeks. I'm also providing the source Photoshop file (or as pdf) for anyone who wants to print their own batch. Note that you may have to resize the canvas or change the image mode to CMYK depending upon the print service used.
Update: A few people have asked via Flickr about printing services. I found uprinting.com via google, and ended up using them simply because their minimum order size was 250 instead of 500 -- there may be better or cheaper options available. They simply have a quote form you fill out, then you upload your file (such as the CMYK one above). Very painless overall.

Lavatory warning [citation needed]Protecting and Preserving Our Neighborhoods [citation needed]
Crime-free housing [citation needed]WikiffitiWikiffiti

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  1. kris Says:


  2. Ryan Says:

    You got me. Very clever.

  3. biphenyl Says:

    kris: saw this comic when I started posting pics to Flickr -- everything else with the citationneeded tag is an xkcd reference! Signs at political rallies are an excellent idea, too!

  4. Alex Says:

    Hah. I live in the apartment complex with the "Tempe Crime Free" sign. It made my day when I saw that sticker. Well done, good sir.

  5. mathew Says:

    contagious graphics - http://contagiousgraphics.com/ they also fill orders of 250 at rather inexpensive prices, very clever idea.

  6. biphenyl Says:

    Alex: Also my apartment complex ;) glad to hear you liked it!
    Mathew: Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check them out when I do another run!

  7. Joe Says:

    I don't follow. This is supposed to be funny? It is not. How pathetic. I am embarrassed for you.

  8. popeye Says:

    Here's some citation worthy sites for the peak oil skeptic:


    And a good pdf to read:


    And of course the Wiki page of the peak oil man himself:


  9. Seán Says:

    Cease and desist, nah just messing with you. If you want an e-mail account or anything just drop me an e-mail.

  10. biphenyl Says:

    Haha - thanks for the offer Seán - I dig the "Register" page on citationneeded.com btw ;)

  11. zombie z Says:

    Joe: Not so much "funny" as "biting social commentary." It kinda needs to be said, you know? And it's amusing to do it in a way that is..well, funny. It's a huge "in-joke," as in, a ton of people would get it, but my mother wouldn't (though she would understand the meaning, just not the zeitgeist of the thing).

    I'll be printing my own out on address labels on my home computer. ;)

  12. Liam Says:

    Hi there, Im also interested in recontextualizing ads.
    I have a somewhat similar project called avoid.net
    The idea is to publicise the negative aspects of products and companies by subverting their ads.
    adding Avoid.net/ to a word directs the audience to a webpage that details how and why said word should be avoided.

    Can I use your [Citationneeded] stickers in a kit I am designing?

  13. biphenyl Says:

    Liam: You are of course welcome to, just put a credit or a link back to here - this blog's content (including the cn stickers) is all CC:Attribution licensed.

  14. Rachael Says:

    I stumbled here completely accidentally... although I did see the sticker on the Navarro poster and it tickled me! :)

  15. Hank Says:

    What exactly are good dimensions for printing?

  16. biphenyl Says:

    Hank: The pdf/psd I have are designed to be printed as stickers at their native resolutions -- 8 inch x 2 inch. They have a 0.25 inch border around the edges which will be cropped out after printing. I've also heard of some people having decent luck printing them at home on address labels for use on smaller ads/signs.

  17. tz Says:

    We REALLY need an A4 with several images.

    I'm stuck on linux and printing with linux just doesn't work - as I've found out.

  18. biphenyl Says:

    tz: This I can do -- look for one later today
    edit: Here you are, five of them on A4.

  19. tz Says:

    Thanks biphenyl.

    Got these in Tampere, Finland - anyone in the city, email me at taza_insane @ webmail provider acquired by microsoft in 1997.com if you want some. Know how to get larger prints (at 20euro/50), chipping in to the printing costs would be appriciated but not required.

    I'm personally too easily distinguishable thanks to a habit of subverting people's assumptions to spread (much) of them around the city - tho these are high-quality paper and glue, unlikely to stick or break, and thus easy to clean.

  20. Bungdeetle Says:

    Here you go.


  21. biphenyl Says:

    Hahaha, fantastic. I love those, Bungdeetle!

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